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Uniwell NX5400F  

NX5400F series is designed for middle class hospitality market, featuring variety of memory functions which allows various bill operations & easy sales analysis. An extensive Price Look-up (PLU) options and flexible programming together with a wide range of built-in options which enable the user to tailor the system to meet their own business requirement in the meanwhile improving the customer service.

  • Power System Option
    -With memory options for up to 49,000 items and 99 cashiers
    -Utilizes an industry standard dot matrix printer with a print speed of 3.2 lines per second
    -Standard scanner interface port provides the facility to connect a wide range of different types of scanner
  • UX Systems provide complete integration
    -Both the UX60 and UX70 terminals have been designed to operate within an EPoS network
  • Increasing users' In-store Management Option
    -Provides facilities which simplify the handling of a variety of in-store discount promotions
    -Use of magnetic card reader option, together with special arrangement cards helps to streamline end of day procedures


  Additional Features
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