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I-Watch Surveillance System  

I-Watch Surveillance System is not only a typical CCTV, but also works in conjunction with data capture. With the advanced tools, it helps in monitoring cashier area remotely, associating POS transaction data with videos and recording videos for retroactive analysis. I-Watch captures each transaction process and clearly displays transaction details on screen, users are able to search suspicious transactions promptly by keywords such as item name, check void and payment amendment etc. By utilizing the innovative monitoring system, loss can be greatly prevented. The I-Watch Surveillance System is suitable for hotels, clubhouses, chain stores, cafes, bars and different types of restaurants etc.

  • IQPOS Video Text Overlay: display/hide transaction text messages on screen and on video files.
  • Smart Search: single video search and playback with transaction data.  Search criteria: keyword in the receipt, transaction event (start/stop/void), or start time.
  • Abnormal Transaction Alerts: when pre-defined abnormal transactions occur (e.g. over a certain value amount), the system will output
  • Cash Drawer Setting: whenever the cash drawer is opened without any transactions, an alert can be sent to the IQPOS-Surveillance System site and the transaction will be saved for later retrieval
  • Remote Live Audio / Video Monitoring: Management is able to monitor video and audio of cashier areas through browser remotely.
  • Customer Flow Counting: combined with IQPOS-Surveillance main system, counting incoming and outgoing customers or cars for customer statistics purpose.
  • Face Detection: detects human faces when staff clocks in and out, which ensures the right person uses his or her own card.



Special Features ~ Video Analytics


  • Reduces risk of inventory and cash shrinkage
  • Ensures a safer environment for employees
  • Enhances loss prevention
  • Provides powerful searching features to facilitate business management
  • Ensures transactions security
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