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Mazazu Crepe  

Founded in 1998 and with more than 40 stores in Japan. MAZAZU CREPE is famous for its delicious and healthy crepes. Also, it has expanded oversea markets, including Singapore, Korea, Canada, Australia and Thailand through the sale of franchise.


Born of Mazazu Crepe
Crepe, also called pancake, is of French origin, serving any time of day with a variety of toppings and fillings options according to region. Japanese makes crepe by using various ingredients, such as fruits, dessert, ice cream and salad, and mixing with whip cream. It is delicious and exquisite for catering people’s taste buds and eyeballs. Miss Wendy Wong, the director of MAZAZU CREPE (Hong Kong) is a crepe lover. She particularly admires Mother’s Crepe in Japan which aims to provide delicious yet healthy products that reflect every mother's wish for the well being of their child. After the conversation with the founder of Mother’s Crepe, Miss Wong has successfully become the only Hong Kong franchise, called MAZAZU CREPE. Thy have five regional branches in Hong Kong since 2008, bringing Hong Kong people high quality of crepe.

As a good operation helper
    Mr. Chris Ching, the operational manager of MAZAZU CREPE, who strives for the easy operation POS system for effectively assist the operation flow of MAZAZU CREPE. He has adopted UCR's IQPOS system, from a numerous of providers, because of its well developed system which could completely fulfilled the actual operation needs of MAZAZU CREPE. Mr. Chris Ching said “Our staffs feel familiar with a user-friendly system interface so that we could reduce much of the internal training time during the implementation.” By using the compact all-in-one POS machine, store environment becomes more concise and in harmony with brand image.

    On the other hand, MAZAZU CREPE are mostly located in high traffic sites, such as Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui. Mr. Chris Ching agreed that IQPOS performs its efficiency and stable operation performance during peak hours that enhances their customers' satisfaction.

The support service of UCR Technology deserves much praises. Technician are patient and enthusiastic that they can follow up our system’s difficulties within 24 hours and increase our understanding in system functions at the same time.” emphasized by Mr. Chris Ching. To provide excellent after sales service for customers who may have smoother operation process with greater marketing resources for business development, is always UCR business objective.