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EX18 offers user with big system features at the price of a basic ECR. It is an adaptable ECR that the user can modify it to suit the changing needs of today's business environments. Combining exceptional flexibility with advanced security feature, EX18 is highly sophisticated, yet easy to use at the point of sale. With its durability together with the advanced built-in features, it delivers a far better performance to the user.

  • A low cost ECR
    -Just at the price of a basic ECR, EX18 provides user with those features not available even on higher cost ECR
    -User can choose which of its advanced information; security and control functions suit the business
  • Tried and Tested
    -An adaptable system ECR that can be modified to suit the changing needs of today's business.
  • Keyboard with easy character setting Works to improve the way customers do their business.
    -Allow maximum of 6 servers concurrently store sales prior to finalizing them
    -Sales can be progressed and advice given to customer without time pressure or queue builds up at the till.
  • Safety at the point of sale
    -Cash Lift Alarm displayed when the cash register drawer keeps more than a pre-specified amount of cash in the drawer
    -Can set to be inoperative when the drawer open
  • Security in your business
    -Can define different level of security by using built-in features like Compulsory Closed Drawer, Drawer Open Alarm, Compulsory Server ID, etc


  • 11.5kg( 25.4 lb)
  • 31cm (Height) x 41cm (Width) x 41.5cm (Depth)
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