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one2free was launched in 1996 by CSL to introduce, aimed at the young and dynamic market segment. In keeping with its progressive nature, one2free re-brands it self to enable it to take its exciting products and services to the whole family through new customized solutions aimed at every family member in April 2008.


Less staff and better service

Most of us have used the service provided by an electronic kiosk. Kiosk is used at vending machine, subway tickets booth and movie tickets pre-ordering. Nowadays, kiosks are located at shopping malls as directories and provide shoppers different kinds of interactive information. In view of enterprises, kiosk plays as an employee who can provide information for customers and a platform for self service. In addition, front-line manpower can also be reduced, and corporate image is enhanced to professional and innovative.

UCR Technology keep tracing the market trends and striving to solve clients’ operation challenges. In 2011, UCR Technology cooperated with the leading telecommunication provider in Hong Kong, CSL Limited, implemented a self service system solution for one2free mega store.




One2free Mongkok mega store opened in June 2011. With 6000 sq. ft, divided into six unique experience zones, it aims to reinforce innovative brand image and provides customers with an one-stop-shop for all the needs on their mobile. One of the unique services among other Hong Kong’s mobile shop – phone recharge, visitors can enjoy free brew and snacks while recharging their mobile phones at their cooperating partner Suzuki Café. Besides strengthen brand image, one2free finds that setting up a device for handling the transaction would minimize the cost of service extension and better utilize their staffs. Therefore, one2free decided to cooperate with UCR to compile and implement a set of self service Kiosk.




“We chose UCR Technology as our business partner because it has a higher percentage of market share and well-established reputation. Moreover, UCR is the only Point of Sales (POS) system provider which has signed Octopus Acquirer Agreement with Octopus Cards Limited that let us feel confident about the cooperation.” stated Mr. Ken Kong, senior manager of IT Dept, CSL Limited.

 The user-friendly Kiosk system was developed by UCR Technology in three months. Customers may purchase phone recharge ticket and select free brew and snacks by themselves at the kiosk. Once the payment is done by credit card, bill to mobile bill or Octopus card, the order would be sent to the café bar instantly.


By using UCR’s Kiosk system, one2free saves their expenditure on manpower and builds advanced brand image to their customers based on the flexible payment options.

“The trend toward customer self-service continues to grow. Our customers feel convenient about the Kiosk system because of its user friendly interface and various payment supports. We are fully satisfied with the solution service efficiencies that UCR have provided for us.” said Mr. Kong.