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Pokka Cafe  

Pokka Corporation (HK) Limited (“Pokka”) was founded in 1989. It is dedicated to operate high quality dining services and is in leading position among Hong Kong. Pokka has been co-operating with UCR for more than 20 years.


Pokka is one of the earliest restaurants in Hong Kong to use wireless ordering solution that increases overall productivity among the staff by shortening ordering time and providing instant customer service.


In addition, Mr. Tommy Wong, Pokka’s senior operation & business development manager said, “UCR’s polling system can be used to gather and centralize the data from all branches automatically. The collected data allows us to better understand customers’ interest and develop effective strategic planning.”


Besides the innovative system solution, UCR provides satisfied technical support service to Pokka. Ms. Suki To, Pokka’s senior shop manager of Pokka said, “UCR technical support team is very efficient, quickly help us to solve the problem. At our shop grand opening, I was impressed that UCR support team would not only assist us in the operation of the POS system, they would also enthusiastically escort and serve our guests.”


In conclusion, Pokka builds innovative brand image and enhances customer satisfaction by using UCR’s system solution. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with Pokka for another 20 years.