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Towa FX400  

A quality-built and feature-rich, FX400 can be easily customized to meet the retail or hospitality operations. It provides more advanced features and incorporates cutting edge technology while keeping the cost as low as possible. Together with its specific safety design at the point of sales, it makes the FX400 to be an ideal choice for today's business.

  • Advanced features at the cost of basic ECR
    -FX400 provides a combination of features not available even on cash registers with the price of a basic ECR.
  • Improves the way of running business
    -Allows up to 6 servers concurrently store sales prior to finalizing them
    -Sales can be progressed and advice given to customers without any time pressure or queue up at the till.
  • Safety at the point of Sales
    -Drawer Open Alarm. When the drawer is open, FX400 become inoperative until the drawer is closed
  • Security in user's business
    -Can define different level of security by using built-in features like Compulsory Closed Drawer, Drawer Open Alarm, Compulsory Server ID, etc.


  • 31cm (Height) x 41cm (Width) x 41.5cm (Depth)
  • 11.5kg ( 25.4 lb .)
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