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ET3610 offers the user with a quiet, prompt and fine solution for the shop daily operation. The use of thermal printer makes the receipt printing quiet and fast. ET3610 can also be connected with computer for data-setting, sales data uploading and downloading as well as software upgrading. Using ET3610, it allows the user to set a total of 9000 PLUs and a maximum of 8 Chinese characters description for each item. When applying to the restaurant, the cash register can store the transaction detail up to 80 tables. It also provides the user with a high degree of flexibility and efficiency as ET3610 can connect with scanner to smoothen the order taking and data transfer process.

  • High Degree of Security
    -A maximum of 10 staff login password can be set
    -Setting and printing report require authorization
    -Alarm can be set when the cash register has inadequate paper available or printing error.
  • Flexibility
    -Can be connected with barcode scanner
    -By connecting with the computer, user can upload or download data, setting data and perform sales analysis
  • Advanced Features
    -User can upgrade the software of ET3610 online.
    -When applying to restaurant, ET3610 can store up to 80 tables transactions detail and perform the tasks like change table, merge table, etc
  • Allow the latest options to be fitted


  • LTP1245 Thermal Printer
  • Epson M825 Heavy duty Printer 3.2 Line per second 24 column
Data Storage Time
  • 117V +/- 10%, 220V/240V +/- 10%
Paper Roll
  • 57.5mm (max. 60mm)
Power Supply
  • AC220V +/-10%, 50-60Hz
  • 350mm(W) x 408mm (L) x 262mm (H)
  • 7.5kg
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