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Digi AW3600  

AW3600CP is an integrated semi-automatic weigh/wrap/label system. It has a high capability for in-store fresh food wrapping operations and supports the total prepackaging operations. The wrapping speed can reach to Max. 30 packs per minutes With an attractive wrapped finish for a wide range of package sizes (up to 380mm/15 inch wide tray) and compact space saving design which only occupies less than 0.74 sq. meter floor spaces. It provides perfect packing anytime.

  • All in one process
    -Weigh, Wrap, Label, Seal and remove, all are packed in AW3600CP
  • Automatic label application for fast and accurate labeling
  • Wrapping speed: Max. 30 packs/minute
  • Wrapping a wide range of package size (up to 380mm /15 inch wide tray)
  • "Weigh-before-Wrap" System for accurate weighing
  • Wrapping a wide range of package size (up to 380mm /15 inch wide tray)
  • Eye-catching sales promotion labeling
  • "Touch" screen operation for complete control of weigh/wrap/label process
  • Removable and washable Elevator Head
  • Simple film loading


Weighing (Capacity) - Single interval type
  • Max. 15kg Scale interval (e= 5g ), Weighing range
    ( 100g -15kg ), max. wrapping capacity ( 5kg )
    -Max. 6kg Scale interval (e= 2g ), Weighing range
    ( 40g -6kg ), max. wrapping capacity ( 5kg )
    -Max. 30lb Scale interval (e= 0.01lb ),
    Weighing range (0.20 -30lb ), max. wrapping capacity( 11lb )
Weigh (Capacity) - Multi interval type
  • Max. 6/ 15kg Scale interval(e=2/ 5g ), Weighing range(40 -15kg ), max wrapping capacity( 5kg )
    -Max. 3/ 6kg Scale interval(e=1/ 2g ), Weighing range(20 -6kg ), max. wrapping capacity( 5kg )
    -Max. 15/ 30lb Scale interval(e=0.005/ 0.01lb ), Weighing range(0.10 -30lb ), max. wrapping capacity( 11lb )
  • Package size Width: 130~ 380mm /5.1~15inches
  • Height:10~ 130mm /0.4~5.1inches
  • Depth:80~ 260mm /3.1~10.2inches
Wrapping speed
  • Max. 30 packages/min
Film type
  • Both PVC film and PE film usable
  • Width:300/350/400/450/ 500mm , Length: 1500m
No. of film roll
  • One roll
Labeler type
  • Single labeler, Twin labeler
Printing device
  • Thermal head with history control
Usable label
  • Thermal paper(60/ 75mm )
Application of label
  • Manual
  • Pictogram, English, Others
Programmable items
  • PLU No., Commodity Name, Unit price/Price, Tare weight, Item Code No., Sell-by-date, etc.
General Externals
  • Resin and stainless steel construction
A Rated Voltage
  • Three-phase AC 208-240/380-415V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption
  • 1.4KW
Net weight
  • 260kg
Operating Temperature
  • 0°C ~ 35° C
Operating humidity
  • 90% RH(max.)
  • Second labeler
  • Image scanner
  • I/F for PC communication
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