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Digi DS690  

DS690 has all-in-one design with a high degree of accuracy for the weighing operation even in the tough environment of industrial and retail application. The high-quality load cells of DS690 guarantee the superb accuracy, ability to withstand overload shocks together with water resistance. Additionally, the weighing indicator with its high-visibility LCD display and pictograph keypad will help to improve the operation and become faster and easier.

  • User-Friendly design
    - Large, clear figures on the LCD display--ensure the operator to see the results at a glance
  • Simplified operation with only 5 pictograph keys
    -operations including digital tare subtraction are quickly and smoothly performed by the touch of a finger.
  • Design for Portability
    --the pole of DS-690 can be folded to lie flat against the platform
    -users can move it to any location without any difficulties.
  • A wide range of Scale platform sizes and capacities to suit users weighing needs


Display resolution
  • 1/3,000
Weight sensorn
  • Load cell
Weight display
  • 5 digits
Tare display
  • 5 digits
Power source
  • AC adaptor (DC12V, 0.1A )
Power consumption
  • 1.2W
Operating Temperature
  • -10 °C to + 40° C
Operating humidity
  • 85% RH (Non-condensing)
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