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Through a centralized table reservation system, Table Management System (TMS) enables all calls of reservations to be done at once among different outlets. Customer profiles, preferences, booking histories etc. can also be stored at central database to further improve service quality. Its editable graphical floor plan displays real time table status, allowing fast and convenient modifications. TMS definitely meets the purpose of efficient and effective seats utilization, hence maximizes profitability.

 Functions & Features
  • Centralized table reservation system
  • Graphical floor plan displays real-time table status (by different colours)
  • Centralized customer database
  • Instant access to guest profile, meal preference, preferred table arrangement, booking histories etc.
  • Table settings management for different outlets, dates and periods
  • Multiple floor plan settings for different meal time (such as breakfast/lunch/dinner periods)
  • Generates analytical reports, such as weekly reservation report, most frequent visit guests list etc.
  • Ultimate tool to integrate with QMI system

  • Speeds up table reservation process
  • Ensures systematic table management
  • Enhances table usage
  • Useful tool to help with launching marketing campaign
  • Cost effective
  • Raise customer satisfaction


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