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Restaurants & Cafés  

A presentable restaurant or a café does not merely provide quality of food, but also excellent services with prominent corporate image in order to retain customers. A dynamic POS system that utilizes the state-of-the-art technology is therefore essential to the industry. UCR Technology’s unique Intelligent Quick Point-Of-Sales System (IQPOS) – Fine Dining Mode provides a complete and reliable solution to streamline such business operations.

  • Excessive orders to be handled during rush hours, complications and errors arise easily.
  • To design a superior reservation system.
  • Creating a customized system for home delivery service that allows expedient operation flow.
  • To optimize promotion and build up long lasting loyalty relationship with customers.
  • Errors usually arise when dealing with deposits for banquets; a secure control system is needed to protect cash deposits.

  • IQPOS – PDA allows users to make wireless orders with just a few touches.  Its mobilized functions streamline the whole ordering process.
  • Table Management System (TMS) is able to manage different table settings for various outlets on different dates.  Users can make instant search on guests’ profiles, dining preferences, anniversaries and booking histories etc. on the system.
  • The fabulous home delivery and takeaway functions of IQPOS system deployment
  • Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) provides a platform to create bonus point or/and stamps rewarding system and to collect customers data for spending habit analysis.  It is a handy tool to encourage guests’ revisits.
  • Its deposit/void functions are able to record all details for each deposit transaction, including customer’s name, phone number and deposit amount etc for reference.  The system also automatically transfers the deposit into revenue account on appropriate date.

  Results & Benefits
  • Reduces cost of network cabling and minimizes ordering time.
  • Speeds up and improves table reservation, as well as raising sales revenue by enhancing table usage.
  • Enhances business operation and raises sales volume.
  • Convenient, fast and accurate tool for bonus points calculation.  It helps to optimize promotion and raises customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces human errors and avoids loss of cash deposits.

  Additional Features
Macau Pass Reader
Octopus Processor
Barcode Reader
HP T510